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Monroe, Georgia - est. 2004

Board Members & Committees


2015-2016 HOA Board Members

Board members of the Morganís Crossing Homeowners Association are elected annually at the homeowners meeting held in January of each year.† The board members meet each month and conduct business on behalf of the homeowners association.† The duties of the board include, but are not limited to, approving requests for architectural modifications, enforcing the HOA covenants, and maintaining the pool, tennis and playground areas all with the intent of preserving property values and strengthening the community.† If you have a question, comment or suggestion, please contact one of your board members listed below.



Charles Conner, President

Tom Stoskopf,Treasurer

Britt Enfinger, Vice President

Linda Burk, Secretary

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

†††††††††††† Jeff Robertson

†††††††††††† Charles Conner

†††††††††††† Jim Born




Yard of the Month Committee††

†††††††††††† Terry Skinner

†††††††††††† Mickey Winling


*one additional committee member is needed


Welcome Committee

†††††††††††† Betty Luenzmann



*additional committee members are needed

Pool Committee

†††††††††††† Jerry Luenzmann

†††††††††††† Jim Willliams

†††††††††††† Patti Cole

2016 Committees

The Morganís Crossing Homeowners Association has organized several committees to help advise and assist the Board throughout the year.†


Maintenance Committee

†††††††††††† Mike McGaughnea

†††††††††††† Chuck Scarbrough


*one additional committee member is needed




Nominating Committee

Patti Cole, Chair

Betty Luenzmann

†††††††††††† Kelly Banks


Chuck Scarbrough, Member At Large